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                                                                                                            I was sick and you cared for me. 
                                                                                                         Matthew 25:36

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Blood Drive

The Mercy Medicine Free Clinic is hosting a blood drive for the Blood Connection on Thursday, October 22 from 11:00AM to 1:30PM. Location will be in clinic’s parking lot on 500 S. Coit Street. The Blood Connection supplies blood for both the McLeod Regional Medical Center and for the MUSC-Florence Medical Center. Blood is needed now. If you are able please sign up to donate at the link below:

All donors receive a $20.00 gift card!

Interim Care Program

In light of the current national and local economic situation brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic Mercy Medicine is introducing the "Mercy Medicine Interim Care Program." This program is for folks who have lost their jobs, facing financial hardship, and have no access to any healthcare insurance. This program is available to people who will very likely return to work after the pandemic subsides. To qualify a patient must still meet most of the other requirements that apply to regular Mercy Medicine patients such as being a resident of Florence or Williamsburg Counties and being between the ages of 18-64. As always, as a patient at Mercy Medicine all appointments are free of charge as are any prescribed medications.

For more information please contact the clinic at (843) 667-6647 and ask about the "Mercy Medicine Interim Care Program" or come by in person on Monday mornings from 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM. The clinic staff looks forward to talking with you to see if we can help in this challenging economic time.

Effective immediately, Mercy Medicine is unable to accept medications donations from anyone who is not a licensed health care provider. This includes both over-the-counter and prescription varieties, even if they are unopened and unused. Also, we cannot take any prescription medical devices such as CPAP machines.

If you need to dispose of expired or unused medications, you can call your local CVS or Walgreens Pharmacy and they will direct you to their nearest drop off location.

Even though we can no longer accept these items, we greatly appreciate your generous spirit and thoughtfulness.

We can, however, still accept non-prescription medical devices such as canes and walkers. Please be sure to call the clinic before coming by with those items if possible.

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500 S. Coit Street, Florence, SC 29501 | Phone: (843) 667-9947  Fax: (843) 667-0455 |


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Mercy Medicine Free Clinic has been serving Florence and Williamsburg counties for more than 25 years. Our employees and volunteers come together to provide free medical and dental assistance to low income, uninsured adults without healthcare benefits. Our goal is to maintain a free medical clinic founded on the Christian principles of love, faith and compassion.  

I was sick and you cared for me
Matthew 25:36

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At Mercy Medicine Free Clinic, we believe. We believe that with the help of Christ and the community we can improve health care of our neighbors. Once you walk through our doors, you are walking into loving hands. Hands of people who strive to serve. We seek to use medical knowledge with Christian love and compassion to heal our patients.

We provide to those who are less fortunate free:

                                         Medical treatment and education
                                         Free medications
                                         Dental care

In 2019 we served 483 patients with 1,644 medical office visits and 298 dental care visits. This is only possible due to the 92 medical, dental and administrative professionals who give their time - more than 1,405  volunteer hours. Our volunteers believe that every person deserves medical care provided with faith, compassion and love.

This effort to provide free health care to our neighbors is also only possible with generous and caring donors.

As a non-profit, we are proud that 96.86% of our funding goes directly to patient care.

Mission:      To provide a free medical and dental home for low-income, uninsured adults from Florence and Williamsburg Counties using Judeo-Christian principals of love, integrity and compassion

            To be the best faith-based quality healthcare provider in the Pee Dee area serving low-income, uninsured adults in Florence and Williamsburg Counties

            Our strong core values that guide us are:
                                    * Love and respect
                                    * Compassion and integrity
                                    * Cooperation and teamwork

We Believe. We Magnify.
maginify the cross Mercy nonprofit  

Together we join hands and
help people in need.


Please give of your time, your resources and your prayers.

Together We Believe. Together We Magnify.



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